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Tile and grout cleaning.

We all know that porcelain and ceramic tiles offer a unique combination of durability and beauty. However over time and use that beautiful tile and grout will begin to look dull and dirty. It will eventually get to the point that no matter how often you try clean it will not seem to sparkle. No problem for the team of New Castle Tile Care. Our state of the Art cleaning process will restore your tile and grout to look like new again.

Tile and Grout Cleaning: To begin the restoration process New Castle Tile Care using a three step process. One, a commercial tile and grout cleaner if first applied to the entire tile floor. Next all of the grout lines are agitated with a grout brush and the tile is scrubbed with a 175 rpm automatic scrubber machine. Lastly the cleaning agent and dirty water is then removed with a high pressure hot water extraction tool that breaks up the soiling, oils and organic contaminants and is removed to a waste tank. (See Photos Below)

Grout Sealer: After the tile and grout is dried the sealer is then thoroughly applied with a grout applicator into each newly cleaned grout line by hand. New Castle Tile Care has found that applying the sealer by hand will make for a better long term result. After the sealer is applied, the excess sealer is then removed and the floor is buffed back to a “like new” condition.

Epoxy Grout Colorant: After the grout has been thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the epoxy colorant, New Castle Tile Care meticulously makes sure that there is no contact with surrounding areas. To do this properly we again apply by hand with a applicator and allowed to dry before a second the coat. The grout will look like new and the new color will last up to 15 years.

Tile and Grout Maintenance: For those customers that would like their floors, showers and countertops to look pristine, New Castle Tile Care offers professional ongoing maintenance cleanings to prolong the life of your tile and grout surfaces. All of our cleaning and sealing products used by New Castle Tile Care are green clean safe which is safe for your family, pets and our environment. Another benefit to using New Castle Tile Care is that we follow up with after care instructions so that your floors, countertops and showers stay cleaner, longer.

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Thousand Oaks Tile and Grout Cleaning

Thousand Oaks Stone Cleaning

Thousand Oaks Natural Stone Care and Cleaning

Stone Tile and Grout Cleaning Thousand Oaks provides the highest quality cleaning and sealing for all your natural stone flooring needs. Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Thousand Oaks experts specialize in cleaning, repairing and maintaining your flooring whether it is granite, marble, limestone, travertine, slate, flagstone or sandstone. Our Stone Cleaning Thousand Oaks expert craftsmen know the right solution and appropriate cleaning method for each unique stone floor that needs caring for.

Marble and Stone Cleaning Thousand Oaks

Marble and Stone Cleaning Thousand Oaks are experts in dealing with all natural stone, we know that marble stone Thousand Oaks owners have come to expect greater service when it comes to cleaning, restoring and polishing marble floors.

Thousand Oaks Marble Polishing -Thousand Oaks Stone Polishing

Marble Polishing Thousand Oaks are expert craftsmen when it comes to marble polishing. Marble Polishing Thousand Oaks has the equipment and knowledge to do the job right in Thousand Oaks every time.

Steam Cleaning Stone and Marble Thousand Oaks

Thousand Oaks Stone Steam Cleaning uses the process of steam cleaning to remove embedded soil and residue, grout haze, pencil marks, surface stains and organic contaminants to clean marble, granite and other natural stone tiles and flooring. Steam Cleaning Thousand Oaks has the equipment and knowledge to strip away and remove water base coats such as wax and acrylics. Stone Steam Cleaning Thousand Oaks also has the ability to remove solvent based coats such as urethane, varnish and lacquer from the surface of your Thousand Oaks stone floors.

Thousand Oaks Grinding and Honing Stone care
Stone Tile and Grout Cleaning Thousand Oaks knows there are times when grinding will be needed in order to remove large stocks of the marble or stone in Thousand Oaks. When that occurs Marble Cleaning Thousand Oaks uses a specialized grinding process that will successfully remove deep scratches, as well as lippage of high and low tiles that will flatten out and beautify your stone surfaces.

Removing Scratches & Etch Marks from Stone and Marblein Thousand Oaks
Marble and Stone Polishing Thousand Oaks uses its specialized honing process using moderate to fine abrasives to resurface areas that need to have scratches and etch marks removed. This is a skillful process and one in which our Stone and Marble Polishing Thousand Oaks craftsmen are well experienced to making our customers happy.

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