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Travertine and Limestone Services: Polishing, Honing, Cleaning & Sealing
Over the last ten years Travertine has undeniably become more and more popular. With this new popularity there have been corresponding problems. Some have been relate to installation, while others are an inferior grade of stone and there remains the ever present failure to use the proper stone cleaning process and product.

Travertine Cleaning:
New Castle Tile and Stone Care's travertine cleaning process typically involves the use of our high pressure hot water extraction unit. These units provide up to 1200 PSI which provides the most effective cleaning method for your stone. New Castle Tile and Stone Care provides effective and through cleaning which is crucial for a smooth looking uniform finish and proper sealing.

Travertine Polishing:
New Castle Tile and Stone Care has the training and experience to polish your travertine. Using diamond abrasives, or polishing compounds we achieve a very clean, highly reflective, shiny finish. The shine intensity can range from a honed finish up to a custom high shine.

Travertine Sealing:
New Castle Tile and Stone Care we use high grade penetrating sealers to seal your travertine surfaces. Their function is to be absorbed into the pores of the stone and fill them up. The best way to describe this is that tight pores help keep spills on the surface so they won't soak in. Although penetrating sealers are not perfect, they are essential in keeping some acidic spills on the surface to prevent acids from eating away the underlying layers. Many companies will recommend topical sealers which may be appropriate for some types of slate and Mexican pavers. These sealers are not recommended for Travertine, Marble or Limestone.

Travertine Grinding:
Using the highest impact abrasives (lowest grits) this method is designed to remove a measurable amount of stone. Uneven tile edges (lippage) can be evened out using this method. New Castle Tile and Stone Care technicians will recommend the proper diamond abrasives depending on the density of your stone and severity of lippage. Our grinding process and state-of-the-art machinery is the most efficient available while ensuring a dust free environment.

Travertine Etching:
Travertine, Marble and Limestone are all natural stone that are subject to etching. Etches or etching are the dull spots (or discolored spots) that you cannot remove with normal cleaning. This etchings is mostly caused by accidental spills that may contain any type of acids such as citrus, wine, vinegar and pet accidents. Acid eats calcium carbonate found in these stones and the result is an etch. Unfortunately this natural chemical reaction is almost immediate. The severity can vary depending on acid level of the material, how long it sits, and the size of the spill on the natural stone. Penetrating sealers help guard against the acid from eating through layers of the stone, thereby keeping the etch on top so it can be buffed out again during regular professional maintenance.

Limestone Service:
Limestone: Is a sedimentary rock which while relatively soft, weathers well. Limestone has a tight-grained appearance and usually is seen in a HONED (unpolished) state. Limestone tends to be much more porous then marble and therefore needs some special attention.We at New Castle Tile Care are trained from artisans in an industry centuries old. We specialize in machine cleaning, honing and sealing, so if you need full restoration using diamond abrasives we are your solution. You can expect the best service utilizing the most advance methods available. If you have any questions about the services mentioned above please email us or give us a call at 818-707-0275

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Thousand Oaks Travertine and Stone Restoration

Thousand Oaks Travertine Restoration is a specialized cleaning where our expert Thousand Oaks craftsmen repair, clean, maintain and restore your natural stone surface to its original luxurious state. Travertine and Stone Restoration Thousand Oaks knows that as a product of nature, Thousand Oaks stone is subject to weather conditions and variations in its color, texture and density. Travertine and Stone Restoration Thousand Oaks repairs and maintains natural stone surfaces that have been cracked, chipped, scratched and/or dulled so that they once again look as beautiful as they were intended to look the day it was installed in Thousand Oaks. Our Stone Restoration Thousand Oaks professionals are able to restore any and all stone applications, including Travertine, flagstone granite, limestone, travertine, slate, and sandstone. Our goal in Thousand Oaks is to give you the desired result you are seeking, ranging from a nice hone to a high polish finish. Travertine and Stone Restoration Thousand Oaks will even eliminate uneven surfaces, visible seams, scratches and etches from your Thousand Oaks floors.

Thousand Oaks Travertine and Stone Restoration is able to combine our restoration processes with our cleaning services to provide you with a maintenance program for your stone and tile that will give you a new look for the life of your home.

Brick and Saltillo Restoration in Thousand Oaks

Thousand Oaks Travertine and Stone Restoration provide stripping or deep cleaning while using a variety of sealers to achieve the specific look that you desire.

Thousand Oaks Travertine Polishing and Stone Polishing

Travertine and Stone Restoration Thousand Oaks is able to provide deep cleaning, polishing, scratch removal, lippage removal, and diamond polishing and additional services upon request. Stone and Travertine Restoration Thousand Oaks receives more requests for Travertine polishing than any other natural stone. Stone Restoration Thousand Oaks has found that polishing the Travertine in most cases is all that is required to give it that new floor shine, but our diamond polish is our elite service and your Thousand Oaks Travertine will look like a glass mirror for a fraction of the cost of newly installed Travertine.

Thousand Oaks Travertine Care

Stone Restoration Thousand Oaks is able to restore your travertine stone via honing, deep cleaning, polishing, scratch removing, lippage removal, filling the holes and other techniques used by our Thousand Oaks technicians.

Slate Care in Thousand Oaks

Travertine and Stone Restoration Thousand Oaks is able to restore you slate stone with deep cleaning, polishing, sealing and enhancement. Travertine and Stone Restoration Thousand Oaks is often called upon to enhance slate stone and bring it back to its new life.